Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

open letter for lil nawfal

Bby..last nite umi was not feeling well and I’m sorry for not entertain u well..
Bby last nite u being crabby again. bby, umi sorry if u felt u r not get my attention…but I try my best to fulfill ur crabby session.
Bby…I’m totally not complaining, but I was so regret for not able to entertain u well, I blame myself for being ‘’sakit’’.i know dat u doing aksi gedik manja just to get my attention..bby, 1 things u need to know, even I was lie in sick, my motherly love to u will never vanish . we use to share heartbeat, yummy nasi goreng or creepy mee goreng 2 gather for 8 mth in my big tummy. Bby, believe me, my love towards u will never ever fade away..but it will grow and grow until allah take me away..i promise u lil baby…

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